Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I am going nutS!

Haah - the food blog bug has bit me really hard - its just that - it is a wonderful combination of both my hobbies - cooking and photography. Being a novice and looking all around the wonderful senior food blogs out there - I really think I have lot more to achieve and be a lot more creative. Its a satisfactory, pleasant and relaxing diversion from the regular daily work. I am so glad there are many people out there who have same interests.

To be frank, I am having a hard time keeping up with the posts - ie I am going NUTS! I aim to post every 2-3 days - which in itself is becoming a Hercules task for me - being a graduate student and everything. But will try to do my best for the blog. After I started my blog on november 14th, the daily visits were about 5-10 - but the past three days the visits have reduced to zero - and the three days have been really really gloomy for me. But not to loose heart - I decided I will try hard in the holiday season and put in more effort - lets see how well that goes.

Meanwhile during my initial search on various blogs, came across the and I fell in love this "CLICK" contest the hosts are organizing. I missed my chance to send in the photos for the previous contests - but below are the photographs I clicked "NUTS" - almonds and pistachioes - my favourites of all. I always have them at home.

So here are the pictures.I like both these pictures equally - because both of them represent what nuts stand for - hardness and tasty fat content.

What more can you expect from a grad student to have a bunch of papers, clips and staplers around. So I came up with this dumbly strange idea of stapling the nuts with it - and thats how this photograph came up. Believe me! I took more than 2 hours to get this picture right. I was photographing in the night and the lighting was not that good. I wanted a greenish haze to match pistachoes and almonds brown would be a striking contrast to the light green.

The second photograph is bit thoughtful and aesthetically appealing I think. What I really meant was - the nuts have the necessary essential oils in them that are good for the body - they need not be dipped in extra oil and for excess fat content- though it enhances their flavor. Many that I showed the photographs to, like the first one better because it makes some sense and shows that nuts are hard - unlike the second one. Everyone said they like oil roasted nuts better! :) So the first photograph goes to the "CLICK NUTS" Event.

I hope you liked the photographs - do leave in a comment if you are reading this post or any others in my blog. Its a humble request for it gives me more enthusiasm to continue.


Sowmya said...

I liked the first pic a lot. the second one is also good but the first pic is funny.

Good job. Hungry for more recipes.


Valli said...

thanks sowmy - will talk to you soon

Sujatha said...

Hi Valli,

Did U send the photograph already? If so, which one did U send? I too liked the first one including the caption :)

I'm a regular visitor to Ur site and I tried some of your recipes...they came out very well...Keep going!!


Valli said...

Thank you sujatha,
I sent in the first one. I am glad you liked it. I saw your comment for the wild rice - did you try that one?

Sujatha said...

yo...I did try that. I just checked Ur reply for that 'wild rice pilaf'...apart from that I tried corn bread, tomato-coconut halwa on my hubby's b'day...he too liked them...esp. the mouth watering halwa!!

Btw, I just choose the Nickname option and put my name in that...not sure...whether thatz the correct way to post comment or not!


Valli said...

@sujatha: I am glad you like the recipes. thanks for the comments.

Mansi Desai said...

very interesting ideas Valli:) nice job with the imagination and the clicks:)

Valli said...

Thank you mansi - that was encouraging. now i am more curious what the next theme on "click" going to be

AnuSriram said...

GR8 clicks valli. These pics are wonderful....

Maya Shanbhag said...

Hey Valli,

Came to ur blog after seeing ur entry for Click event..I liked both ur pics..meaningful..I'm a new blogger too, so undertsnd what u r saying :)...

Siri said...

Both the pics are very thoughtful Valli..:)

Great entries!

~ Siri

Laavanya said...

Nice concept for your 'Nut' entry! :)