Wednesday, November 14, 2007

About me and the blog

Its been almost a month I started this blog - just realized I didn't give a proper introduction to this blog or myself. So here it goes - the scientific way! The paper will be updated as and when any changes occur in materials/methods or results.

Valli's Kitchen


Few things about me:

I am a simple Indian girl married to a simple Indian boy - hah such a cliche'. The best cook in everyone's life is their mom and when this simple Indian boy I am married to complimented that I cook better than his mom, I thought he was joking!. Though its a great compliment for me, I was still skeptical if the comment was genuine! My mom-in-law is a great cook, I learn a lot from her. Most of the curries I make I use her secret garam masala. I didn't quite believe my husband until both my in-laws gave me the same compliment. What was I doing different than my mom in law ? I took the best parts from my mom's cooking strategies and mom-in-law cooking strategies and a whole lot from the blogging and food network world to make wonderful curries. Not just andhra cuisine, but desserts, sweets and other cuisines as well. I dont say I am great cook, I am still learning a lot. It will be a surprise to many that I still didn't bake my own bread - I plan to do it some day.

I never theortically learnt cooking from my mom! I mean she never handed me her recipe book! Mom doesnt have one! I would just sit beside her and chat while she cooked and would help in the tasting part - she would be fasting most of the days or wouldnt eat meat on the other. When I came to USA, I missed her biryanis, upmas curries terribly. I would complain over her coconut chutney and idlis! I didnt realize it was my most favourite breakfast until I was all alone in my kitchen.

Studying and managing home are two Hercules tasks. The first year of my graduate study, we ended up eating mostly all three meals at restaurants. Before I realized, I put on a lot and lotttssss of weight. Then started the whole process of nirvana, rejuvenation, whatever that can be called - I decided how much ever I am pressed for time, home cooked food is the best and I will try to cook healthy food. Of course eating out once in a while is totally acceptable ;-). I also learnt one need not give up favourite foods to loose weight. Eat everything in moderation, count calories and excercise weight will come off naturally - and its quite true.

Why I started this blog:
I was introduced to food blog world by my friend sowmya. I was totally amazed at how talented and patient everyone of them is - cooking a recipe, photographing it, writing about it.Its totally amazing combination of photography and food - my second interests. My first hobby being - bollywood and tollywood movies!

I had to start my own food blog - not to become famous or anything but to satisfy the creative and curious cat in me. I already had my recipes jotted down for my sister, So I thought, as I cook I would post them and I will also have chance to cook many new ones as well. Most of them are from the food blogs around, the sources will be given due credit.

Materials and Methods

The food and related items are generally bought at whole foods or costco unless otherwise specified. I have two calphalon non stick pots and pans.I love calphalon cooking ware - I think the heat distributes evenly in these pans unlike other pans I have used where the heat is located at the center. I use Magic bullet for all the grinding, pureeing etc. Oh and most importantly - my two clean hands. The methods (recipe) usually are reported along with the photographs of the dish.


I wont post anything that is not upto my or my family's liking. For example, no raw meat or seafood. I have been there once and don't want to go back.


If one of the dishes you make from my recipe list is appreciated by everyone in your family - it will make my day. I am a cancerian and a moody fellow too, so the blog will be under development until I loose interest in cooking and photography :). Do leave your useful comments and feedback, it will sure give some enthusiasm to continue.

1. My 25 years of life and approximately the 30000 snacks and meals I consumed in that span.
2. Mom's recipes
3. Dad's recipes
4. Mom-in-law recipes
5. Knowledge obtained from cookbooks and shows on the food network
6. Food blog world knowledge for the past 1.5 years


I would like to thank my husband for supporting me, paying all the bills for all the utensils/food, helping me clean up the kitchen and for patiently waiting at dinner table while I finish this write up :) hehe


Anonymous said...

good going

Bhavya said...

yummy dessert valliakka.....

Srivalli said...

Nice intro...good to see another with my name!..:D..I understand that you are now in US??..well these are good collections...looking forward for many to come...atleast 15K snacks..:D

shriya said...

Hi valli,

This is Shriya & Nithu of We have hosted a foodie event in our website, "FORTUNE COOKING" and would like to invite you to participate in that. Fortune Cooking Contest is an interesting mix of zodiac signs & food and you stand to win a Jewelry set or $25 Amazon gift card.we hope to see your participation and thanks for taking the time to read my message


jyothi said...

Yummy dishes along with ur creative work...should appreciate ur talent in photography too...if i need any recipe..i need not go anywhere...its all a click

Waiting for your new recipes valli.


ravi c said...

references are generally the links... ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Valli:

My husband and I are starting out on our culinary journey.We found and used some amazing redipes from your blogsite. So, why have you stopped blogging? please do blog. Waiting for more recipes.


S&C from Bangalore

Bhavya said...

Valli akka...we need you back on food blogging!!! come back soon !

Anonymous said...

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