Friday, November 30, 2007

Blacks and blues!

Madhuri is back! All might be thinking whats the relation between the title and her comeback film. Look at the posters of the movie! Doesn't she look gorgeous in that black and blue dress. She is 40 - some are blessed and some work hard to stay so beautiful at that age. Now madhuri dixit isn't exactly my favorite heroine - but I admire her for her dances. My top 3 choices are

1. Maar dala - Devdas. - Will talk about greens in a later post
2. Didi tera dewar - HAHK
3. Ek do teen - Tehzaab

So inspired by madhuri's lovely dress - here's my blacks and blues food presentation - Nilla wafers and vanilla frosting. Nilla wafers are so crunchily yummy. I use them a lot in many desserts I make. I used Pillsburry supremely creamy vanilla frosting. This presentation is a twist on the cream biscuits that I loved as a kid. I usually sandwich vanilla frosting between nilla wafers. The taste is very similar to cream biscuits back in India. So here's a toast to MADHURI and the color combo of Black and Blue!

Btw, apart from blueberries, blue potatoes and very very very few foods - there is hardly any blue colored food around! I wanted to use some naturally occurring aqua colored food - does it exist? I searched on the web - some say blue food is not delectable, some say it has cancer fighting properties. I adjusted to the blue aqua colored decoration sprinklers instead. However I found aqua colored drinks, flavored ice sticks and some candies - but I think its just food color.

Should I make an event with this concept - Color combinations, a lovely dress and food presentation ideas? or is some blog already hosting this event?
I will let my food blog visitors decide.

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