Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ginger Lemonade

I just finished my experimental work and was browsing the wonderful food blogs while waiting for the experimental data to be processed. I came across the Think spice blog which is commemorating spices in the cooking world. One of the points was to send in any dish cooked by dear ones that might have the spice as a highlight. The moment I saw the spice ginger - my dad came to my mind. He is a wonderful loving father. He used to make me and my sister ginger tea and ginger lemonade during our examinations. I miss him so much! I also realized today is the last date for the entry - and I thought I cannot make it. But thank god - I have good experimental results, so I returned home happily - and I still have 2 hours before the clock strikes 12 :) So here I present Ginger Lemonade for the Think Spice Ginger blog event and also for my dad!.

1. 5 Lemons Juice
2. 1 cup sugar ( I used splenda)
3. 1 cup water
4. Ginger minced - 4 tbsp

Mix and heat the above contents until the sugar dissloves and the syrup starts to boil. Cool the mixture and pour 2:1 ratio of the syrup to water over ice and serve.

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sunita said...

Valli, thanks for sending over that lovely drink.