Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kodiguddu Sunni - Egg sweet

This is trademark sweet of my grandmother. I haven't seen this sweet being sold in any shop nor seen anyone making it except my grandmom. Whenever i was done with school final exams - she had this sweet ready for me. Its my favourite - nothing can beat this one. Yesterday I was soo soo craving for this sunni ( pronounced as "sew"+ "ny" as in you in telugu). As you all know kodiguddu is Egg in telugu. One requires a bit of patience while making it. We have to constantly keep on stirring the mixture when its cooking. I had tough time just for three eggs. My grandmom used to make this dish in a big big pan with 60 eggs! Oh my god! she truly has some strength in her arms.

Anway - here are the ingredients and one has to follow it to the T.
Makes 8-10 pieces (1 inch squares);

3 whole eggs + 1 cup milk + 1/2 cup sugar+ 1 tsp elaichi powder. Mix these ingredients thouroughly - i use the blender-makes my job easy.

(Actually its 3/4 cup sugar - but i reduced the sugar amount and used splenda instead of sugar - keeping in mind the calories). Now, lots of ghee/butter goes into this recipe. For the mixture above, add approximately 2 tbsp of ghee. I added the smart balance butter - just so i dont increase my cholesterol levels:).

In a non stick pan, heat the butter, and add the egg/milk mixture and continuously keep stirring with a wooden spoon. The mixture goes through four stages.

First stage - The liquid will slowly start thickening

Second stage - After thickening a bit, lots and lots of bubbling will occur

Third stage - the milk will curdle oozing out lot of water

Fourth stage - The evaporation of all the water formed in the third stage.

Once you notice the mixture is being browned if you leave it for a second without stirring - thats the point you remove the mixture and put it in a plate(already buttered) and allow the mixture to cool and set. After its cooled down- it can be cut into pieces and served. I cannot wait until then - so i just had it as soon as its hot out of the pan.

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