Monday, January 14, 2008

Satsuma mandarins and click

In telugu, "narinja" would refer to mandarin oranges that could be easily peeled and eaten versus "battayi" is something like navel oranges but with green skin and yellow flesh. I like mandarin oranges because they are sweet and tart at the same time. I bought a few "Satsuma mandarin" oranges - easy to peel, seedless variety. They are small in size, so can be put into the power juice without the use of a knife. I dont need to emphasize on how deliciously refreshing "freshly squeezed" orange juice can be. One thing to keep up with fresh juices is they need to be consumed within 10 minutes after preparing them, else they loose the nutritional value. One more thing we cannot get with a bottled juice - the froth over the fresh juice!Simply tasty.

A juicy way to spice up orange juice is to mix with carrot juice and sprinkle of rose water to give a blend that is out of the world tasty. Just clicked the pictures in time - sending them to CLICK "liquids" event hosted by jugalbandi.

Here's another drink - strawberry margarita, and it didnt make it to the contest. I will do the writeup for this soon :) Until then here's a quick look


Anonymous said...

I am drooling. :)


Happy cook said...

For me orange juice please. I like the colour it is so beautiful

Mansi Desai said...

while the carrot juice is what I should choose, now that you've mentioned the margherita, there's no going back!!