Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Vanilla pudding and berries

Want to make an impressive dessert without much hard work - Try the combination of instant vanilla pudding and mixed berries.

The basic ingredients for the berry tart (above) would be 1. frozen pie shells (bake them in the oven as per instruction takes about 10 -12 minutes), 2. Instant vanilla pudding and 3. Mixed berries. Pour the vanilla pudding in the pie shell and allow the pudding to set. Top it with whipped cream, berries etc. For extra shine on the berries, apply sugar syrup on them.

For a lazy girl like me who doesnt want to bake - try arranging "Nilla Vanilla wafers" in a tall glass/bowl and pour in the vanilla pudding and decorate with berries. Chocolate pudding can also be used - These desserts are a snap to make and delicious too.

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